My New Baby

Assalamualaikum !
New baby ? What does that mean ?
Okey, first, this is my new blog. I don't know why i have to
delete my first blog. It can be one of my memories.
I love blogging, i tell people what i like.
Don't judge me. Only Him can judge me because He is my owner.
I hope next year much more better than this year. 
Many things happened in this year. 
And don't u aware that this year is going very fast ?
It just like a blink of eyes.
So people, do follow if u want and don't if u don't want.
U will know me slowly through my post.
I am not really good in English and sorry if u see 
some mistake in my grammar.
Plus, i am not using fully English for my post. 
Up to my mood.
So i don't need to make an introduction here right ?

Currently busy preparing for my final exam.
First year as a bachelor student. See that logo ?
In the picture ? Yes, currently studying at UiTM.
Okey, this should be short. Till we meet again :D

1.41 p.m.

اَسْتَغْفِرُ اَللّهَ


Will be back!